May 1, 2004

RPG is fuuuun :)

I did play an RPG today :) Mmmm...I do it so rarely. Planescape. Was fun, if a bit too dark for my taste.

I got a personal (almost) presentation of a new Polish rpg system (Monastyr) - looks quite good. Listened to some interesting presentations...seen a LotR verstion made by our local tv guru, stuff.

What amazes me is how many women there are on the con. No more then 25%. I wonder why. Education? Culture? I mean, they are not less intelligent...I think :) Don't have much personal experience, but my bet would be on education. Somehow sf/fantasy dont seem to be targeted into that market, and parents tend not to by toys from that section for girls (yeah...ever seen a Barbie in space suit?).

Shame. Those who miss lectures like today's 'Folk medicine' cant imagine the fun they r missing. I am serious.

Tired. Thats all for today. Till another transmission...

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