Apr 30, 2004

Day events in retrospective

About the news, I was unfortunately right...even cnn had a release.

Still. The bad guys will be punished. Hopefully the system will be fixed and damage control will not concentrate only on the PR spin thingies.
In the end, I still am pro-A and pro-invasion. Just wish some higher-ups head would roll as well (the guys responsible for poor planning...eh...) but that is for another time.

So I am back from first day of ConQuest (well, it is still going on, but as I have no close friends there, I didnt see much point in staying for all-nighter stuff). Good prelections, I can't complain. Pilipiuk great as well, and the others I have seen were not bad either - much better then the standard university lecturers, obviously.

Anegdote for the day? I actually got recognized by a fellow Usenetian, who (I wish :D) fondly remembers my controversial innovation into sf-golf, the irrergular tournament on pl.rec.fantastyka.sf-f. I was the first to introduce multimedia and foreign language quotes...and I will admit, I could have done it a bit better. Still, the first is the first, right? Show the way and let others learn on your mistakes...oh well. I arranged to be an organiser of one of the next edtitions, so apparently it wasn't as bad (or they belive in second chances ;o).

So...till tommorow. Or later.

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