Dec 30, 2005

Dec 28, 2005

Vive l'Australia? :)

Lessig and Slashdot report that Austrialia may join France in legalizing p2p sharing. I like Lessig's blog post: 'Sanity breaking out all over' :) Slashdot report is here.

Dec 22, 2005

Vive la France!

Wow. They did impress me: the French Parliament voted yesterday for a lawl that allows free sharing of music and movies over the internet. In exchange, all copyright owners will receive a subsidy from a tax paid by Internet users. This sounds like a great idea, similar to what Lessig suggested in his Free Culture book. I'd just make sure that the technicalities are workable, i.e. that the tax is heavier on those with unlimited broadboand. I wouldn't mind paying an additional dozen or so bucks for my Internet if this would finally solve all the p2p problems (and after all, the artists do deserve to get paid, one way or another).

Dec 20, 2005


Wow. The Micro Persuasion blog offers lots of great tips and tricks about getting the full potential out of various websites or technologies. If it can teach me some useful tricks about Wiki, then it can teach your proverbial grandma how to, well, do whatever she thinks she already knows :)

Subbed with Bloglines :)

I am off to Poland!

Dec 11, 2005

The force for evil

The Economist once described the Wikipedia as 'the force for good'. Of course, where there is good, there must be evil - spawned from greed, malice or simple lack of understanding. See the dark forces gathering here. Even if this article is right and Wiki is safe, the court proceedings will still cost money - money which comes from our donations and should be used on improving the encyclopedia, not feeding the lawyers :(

Update: ZDNet has a good article on this.
See also Wikipedia take on this.

Update2: Wikipedia defends itself with transparency, Register vs Wiki

Dec 6, 2005

Limits of good faith

"Today, as an experiment, we will be turning off new pages creation for
anonymous users in the English Wikipedia." - Jimbo Wales announcement

Sounds like a good plan. Deleting crap pages is much more difficult then
crap content in an otherwise worty artucle. It should be logical then that
to creat crap pages you should go to a little more trouble then with crap

The naivety of some people at Wikipedia:Articles_for_creation is really...
something. Why people cannot read the rules? Or verify their spelling? Oh well.
The fact that a significant proportion of not-created entries is redirects due to
wrong spelling or copyvio is a proof that the restriction was wise. As for the rest,
people are posting their content/sources at this page, so others who decide to register
can actually create them.
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