May 21, 2004

The killer psycho next office

Let's start today with me telling you what is the only newspaper (offline) I read and trust hose day. The Economist.. UK based and as far as I can determine - they have no secret agenda. Neither pro-Isreali, nor pro-Palestinian, neither pro-Bush nor pro-Kerry.

No secret agenda of course means not 'none agenda at all'. They have an agenda - they believe that free market is *the best*. Long story for another time, but so far I agree with them - most of the time, at least. They have a unique perespective on looking at the world of global politis and asking difficult questions from the economical perespective. Oh, and you can always read current issue online for free. Give them a try.

But who is the psycho, you ask? Well. Who else? The Corporation. They have rights and obligations not much diffrent then normal people, yet they are motivated only by a single goal - the pursuit of wealth for the shareholders. In order to achieve that in short term, they will trample everything that stands on their way, bribe goverments*, undermine democracy, turn emploeyers into mindles drones, wreck the enviroment and cause armageddon.
Well, ok, I got a little carried away. But there is something to it.
Even The Economist agrees.

If you are lucky, you can see the movie. I, of course, living in Poland, can only dream about it (no plans to distrobute it here as of present)...*sigh*. Enjoy it if you can.

*especially in the poorer countires - see this report by Transparency International.
Quote: "The BPI shows that US multinational corporations, which have faced the risk of criminal prosecution since 1977 under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, have a high propensity to pay bribes to foreign government officials. The US score of 5.3 out of a best possible clean 10 is matched by Japanese companies and is worse than the scores for corporations from France, Spain, Germany, Singapore and the United Kingdom. The highest scores, indicating the lowest propensity to bribe abroad, were for companies from Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, the Netherlands and Belgium"

Double *sigh*. Guess why I like to read and write about utopias...

Over and out, for today.

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