May 31, 2004

Browser wars, art of signatures and ruins next to you...

Today, we will discuss the amazing world of browsers, art of singature on the forums and ruins I saw while walking in the park near my house.

The Internet Exploder. This is just one of many nicknames given to IE, or Internet Explorer. While it is widely known that 'Microsoft' is bad (actually it is not, there is something to be said for monopolists having a good side and unifying standrads, for example - but it is a subject for some other day), and 'IE is ridden with security holes' (I am not going to give you links to prove that, just google - it is everywhere...), it is interesting to point out that majority of people still uses not only Windows (that I can understand, Linux is still not user friendly enough), bot also the unholy combo of 'IE/OE' (OE being the Outlook Express). However the fact remains that they dont use it because it is better, they use it becouse it is bundled with Windows and they are unaware of other alternatives - or the fact that this is better (the Browser Wars resolved around this, and still continue - and Microsoft wins not becouse their soft is better, but becouse they have more money for PR campaging...).

The fact is that you can switch to a better soft for free, in just few minutes...
There are many choices out there - I would like to take this time to recommend my favourite, the Mozilla Project.
Mozilla is a browser (like IE), a mail manager (like OE), and in a deal, they throw in webpage composer (like FrontPage). It is open source, which means it is free and constantly improved by volunteers.

But you want details. How is it better?
I can tell you what I liked after I moved from IE/OE to Mozilla.
1) mozilla blocks pop up ads! 100%!
2) tabs...oh tabs...they are so awesome. It is hard to explain...they are like windows inside windows. Screenshot. Extremly nifty! Very useful
3) add-ons - Mozilla is very customisable, there are hundreds of add-ons (free and opensource, of course). I use multizilla - it has lots of nice options (duplicate & move tabs, google bar and tab session history are among those I found most useful)
4) when replying to email, it changes the text of reply to blue - makes it easy to see who wrote what (oh, and sigs are gray!)
5) built-in junk filter
Of course, Mozilla can convert your IE favourites and OE emails, adress book and even account data into ints own database, so you dont loose anything...and can always go back if somehow you can find a reason to do it.

So, if you are still using IE/OE - drop whatever you are doing and download Mozilla, install it and start using the better stuff :)
In case you already have a good mail engine, you can download only the broser Mozilla - Firefox.

Time for few words about signatures. Check this out:
SigX! The fresh maker.
Looks nice? You can add it to your sig in html emails or internet forums or anything that supports html or BBCode.
It is of course free. Get your SigX now :)

And as for the ruins...I'll leave it for another time. :)

Stay tuned for next issue of the Voice of the Prokonsul! Coming soon to the screen near you!

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