May 8, 2004

Time for a game

Every few time units a person needs to take a break from serious stuff and relax. So I told u about go few weeks ago. Now it is time for something diffrent.
A free online game I play for several years now.


Short review - a game of strategy and diplomacy. 25 cooperating allies in one kingdom, each rules over one province, fight against thousands of other kingdoms.

teaches cooperation - provinces must cooperate by forums and IMs or lose to better coordinated enemies,
nice interface - not very graphical, but easy to learn and use

randomized kingdom entry - you cant chose to go to a kingdom u like, u r assigned randomly
secret rules - lots of numbers are secret, and players make software to help based on statistic data
time consuming - 10-30 minutes every day...this can be a pro, if you want sth to do as well :)

So, for now, try the game.

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