May 13, 2004

What if...

...something didn't happen as it did? Ever asked yourself that?

Ah, the alternative worlds...go read something about them, it is my favourite type of literature :) See Uchronia for few thousands choices...
I am going (hopefully) GM and rpg camaing (based on GURPS) in my hometown about alternative worlds soon. Like improved version of SG and Sliders, just without the Hollywood do-good unrealistic attitude.

In other news. I am more and more certain I'd like to go to Philadelphia to study for doctoral degree there...they have the most interesting ppl there. I could really learn stuff...and contribute. I hope. I think I need to write an article in English, based on my Polish MT Thesis, Evolution of Democracy.
Believe it or not, I find that area iteresting, and apparently I am not the only one. Which in itself is a topic for one of articles I'd like to eventually write - that every area has ppl that like it, and that can revolutionise the future
Consider this quote: 'Find a job you like, and you will never have to work'. But the works gets where is the trick? I'll tell you more some other time.

Just...the one year in US doctoral program is tad...expensive, ya know. 22,500$ That is not counting the living expenses (estimate 10k without 'fun'). Compare it to average monthly salary in Poland of 633$ (see here and here for statistics). And of course the average salary of fresh-afeter-studies person is half that. Do the math. Ouch.
Oh well...back to looking for stipends and grants. I hear they exist. Hear. Finding proof is much harder. Life is full of mysteries, although I am not amazed one has to work hard to find where they are giving out money. Of course, in Poland, hard work is often not a substitute for knowing some 'important people'. Corruption is unfortunalely getting stroneger here...or perhaps the media that discover new scandals are? I hope it is the second version. I am an optimst after all.
Consider this - it could have been much worse. Around quarter of world population cannot even dream of any kind of higher education - in Africa. See this, if you dont believe me.
Of course, one should remember that situation is getting better. The Economist recently had a series of articles about it. Just do as all a favour and silence those anti...sorry, alter-globalist before they do any more damage.

In brighter news...I learend today I am to appear on 28th May on my (former) university, they are going to dress me in togas and stuff and send to year-ending ceremony to recievie Rector's prize for Very High Grade's or something - I was so amazed at this I forgot the name. Ummm. They want to give an award for me! I hardly did anything...I mean, I spend most of my time doing what I liked to. Oh. Does it mean I like learning? Revelations never end...come to think of it, did I tell you I always adimired the type of scientis that boils the watch and crashes an egg on his wrist? Go figure why. :)

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