May 4, 2004

At last...something useful

As long as you are doing HTML thingies :)

Have you ever heard of favicons? If not, I am sure u have seen them. Those are the small icons that u can see in favourites, near links of webpages or in tabs (if u are wise enough to ditch IE for something that has this wonderful invention, like mozilla :) ).

You should now be able to see my treecat favicon (primary image @ by Mattingly, the author of beautiful Honorverse covers - see my webpage, Honorverse Art Gallery for more info and great sf pics :D).

If u want to add favicons to your www, nothing simpler. Just add to your site: LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF="mypage.ico". In tags <> of course.

Simple, huh? Enjoy the cutting edge of 2000' html tech :D

More info here:
- site about favicon theory -
- site with icon making soft -

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