May 16, 2004

The daily trials

Just so you know, I'll trying to start my d-studies in Poland. One of the resons is that deadline for foreging applications has passed few months ago (usually in march) and you cant expect me to do nothing till next time. It may sound shocking, but doing nothing is not as fun as some think...and even doing creative stuff like reviews, wiki entries and community building is not enough. Yes, it helps ppl...but it is all online, and if I stay in house 24h/7days, when next March commes I may not fit the front door - or recognize a human being without a screen in it's head place :o

So I am reading stuff (bah, thats news...I am a book worm since I turned 5), some of it scienctific thingiies. I find it interesting, really (I wonder if some would call it growning up...or is it just some spice into my everyday sf diet?). Just now I am reading article about how democracy has some elements in it that work towards its destruction and (suprise) most of them are related to capitalism. Now thats a nifty way of wrapping 'money is evil' thesis into scientific jargon :)

You know what Churchill said about democracy? That is is very bad, but we have nothing better...I am sure the same is true about free market. Oh, and never confuse political system with economic system. They are quite diffrent.

Being a technology beliver (and don't confuse this with technocrat) I believe technology progress will fix all that. Just as Internet may be the panacea of current democracy problems (I wrote about that in my MT), what do you think will transform economy?
My bet is on nanotechnology. Why?

I'll tell you some other time. Maybe if somebody asks for it with the Comment function (hint, hint - does anybody reads it??). Oh well. Over and out, for now...

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