May 17, 2004

Thoughts. Anime. Blogs. More thoughts.

Reviewed Wild ARMS on Them forums.

Working on my own phpBB forums.

Reading more stuff. Recently about blogs.
I wont be the first to say that blogs are are creating a new media type. Nor will I be the first to ask if this is just a short fashion or a major revolution in making. But I'd like to add something to this discussion from a perespective I think I know a little bit.

Blogs as a step in evolution of democracy.
Consider this:
- blogs make classic media - owned by corporation, and responsible to them - less poweful. You dont have to trust CNN or other media moguls when you can verify it for yourself on Back to Iraq, Techno-Blog or any other of hundreds J-Blogs. Of course, this rases the question who can verify the the truth. But the more blogs there are, the more respected and proven some of them become, the smaller chance that they give false news. And if you believe that what you see on TV or read in newspaper is unbiased...just check the the Daily Mirror scandal - here, here or here. Need I give more examples?

Consequence: more independent media - less public opinion influencing tricks - better educated electorate - more efficient democracy

There are several other interesting lines of thoughts here. For example, wouldn't you like to see blogs written by politicians in which they would be forced to explain all what they are doing, daily?

But that is for another time, I have more reading to do...

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