May 3, 2004

All good things come to an end

At least for a time being. I am counting the day till next CQ, this one was a BLAST. Good things there are quite a few convents every month.

So you can gather I was impressed. Sure, there were small glitches (like the orgs not knowing where the rpg tables were, forcing players to go on merry go round search through entire complex), but the lectures I attended were from average to extremly good, with quite a nice proportions of the latter ones. And I managed to play a rpg game, so this is also a plus :) Although I wish there were more in the afternoon and morning...all I know of started in the evening. But yes, those are minor things. So, details...what I did.
Date, Polish title, eng translation, lecturer, my impression. Scale 0-terrible to 10-perfect

1600 so. I dont remember anything :)
1700 Rewolucje Ducha - Revolutions of the spirit - M.Studniarek. Stared slowly, but soon the lecturer started speaking loudly, fluently and showing extensive knowledge about evolutions of monastyres and monks and such. 7/10
1800 Warsztaty teorii spiskowych - Workshops of Conspiracies Teories - A..Pilipiuk. I have seen his lectures 2 times before and every one deserved 10/10. Not diffrent this time. Also the title was a tad misleading, the lecture concenred faking archelogical digs and publishing books about fake UFO artifacts.
1900 Oddzialy specjalne - Special Forces. P.Nowicki. I missed the first few minutes of that lecture. Some interesting facts about Spanish Foreign League...and who would have suspected they had first special forces formed as early as XVI cent.? 7/10
2000 Propagada. M.Jarczyk. Some interesting stuff about logic of propagand rethoric...did you know Stalin wrote a book himself? Short thing about language. Quite funny. And the lecturer was pretty :) 8/10
2100 Hackers. S.Sokol. About hackers. Interesting, angedotes and stuff...although history of the net part in the begining was a bit unnecessary. Still, it got better and better (and went for 1h15 or so, actually). Good thing it did (and it is only thanks to next lecturer that this gets 8/10 again, if it ended too early the history part might have made is much less fun).
Then I went home. :)

Ummm. I am still I am going to just mention few most impressive lectures I heard over next three days, not all I attended.
Sat 1600. Przesady medyczne ludu polskiego (Polish folk medicine), M.Kawalski. 1h of history...funny, terrible. Good stuff. And may you never get ill when in the Third World country...
Some interesting things followed, but this is when I played Planescape. Hard to chose sometimes...
Sun. I missed 4/5 of 1200 Ziemianski presentation on 'Cold War'. My fault...I am a lazy sleeper :(
What I heard was 10/10.
1300 Meiji restoration in Japan by M.Mydel. Better then the Last Samurai movie, at least for me :) 10/10
Selling the revolution by J.Janicki. Marketing and revolution. Nicely connected with RL stuff we see every day, even though I read about most of it (United Colors of Bennetton). When compared to my boring lectures about marketing on Uni...really...10/10 again.
Lots of 10/10 on that day. Secets of Vatican by M.Budziakowski. R.Pawlak on Francis Drake.
Awesome ending of the CQ (as tradition apparently forces, one day before the real end :). Prizes, stuff...and auction (that was FUN). Damn my shyness, I would have bought something...shame the thing I wanted most went first (and so cheaaaply...) before I gathered my courage. Oh well. My fault. Great event, though.
Survival on sea battles later. Again, title misleading (only XV-XVII cent.) but barred that, 10/10. Too short for me to start a discussion regarding the Clueless article I mentioned few days before...
Today I listend to Pilipiuk on history of anticonception (rotflol), Ziemianski on Women in Revolution (would be 10/10 if he didn't bolt out after half and hour...apparently he didnt prepare enough material...or we waitied too long with question...still great, though). Stories about pirates by Majkowski didn't let me down either, and the eding lecture, Echnaton (Akhenaten) by K.Bodziony, which almost didnt start, was great as well.

In the end, lots of historical stuff, but I love history. And lectureres that loved the subject they talked about. And listeners that wanted to listen. And games and stuff in the background, and lots of nice ppl. If I wasn't so shy, I'd have congratulate the orgs, I saw some of them next to me on the last lecture...but as I am myself, I can only write good about them here, safely knowing nobody reads it except me. Awesome job!

Maybe I will have a lecture like this myself one before I gather a courage to ask any org about it, I will be 50. Bah. I am better on the net then f2f. But I am not is the con I wanted to write about. And I think I did :)

For any lurkers that my happen to read this - google for nearest sf con near u, and give it a try. It will be worth it.

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