May 30, 2004

On OS and Protestant Ethic

I dont like Windows. But, lets face it - it works, especially the XP and newer versions. Why Linux cannot be as good as that (mumble, mumble) thing - for homeputer workstation purposes (yes, I grant it, as a server it rocks).
I love open source idea, but Linux has problems - for starters, emulating old win soft. Then it requires much more know-how (my god, dos prompt entry thingy - in XXI century??).

One day I will use Linux. Today is not that day. So after my trial W2k3 expired, I went back to ol' XP. Dont see much difference either way...

In other news, I found that once I started reading a book about Max Weber, I really am into it.
Even though the book is quite old (50's - thats all my local (as in capital of the province Silesia) has). His started with not-so-awesome study of German society, but now it is getting very interesting. He deals with religion - first, he wrote about protestant ethic and how it influences the development of capitalism. Then, he compares it with other religions (chineese, indian, judaism). That is what I am reading now.
Feel free to look at my Wiki entry about his book, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.

So, considering I may start my doc studies on Institute of Philosophy on Jagiellonian University in Cracow, at least for a year or two before I move to New is good I can stomach philosophy and sociology (and don't look at me like that, I had not had a single subject about them during my studies for economy MA!).
Yes, philosphy is kind of...strange, but then...that uni is 3rd oldest in the world, and that Institute was the first created there, so it...*grin*. We shall see.

Btw, Wiki had a facelift. Nice, isn't it? Although I am sure you have noticed it if u cliked on some other link here today :D

Oh. Just in case you wonder. I got two shakehands and an engraved pen on Friday, and if we dont count those who have not yet passed the final exam by this day, I was the 6th best student of the year on my uni (3rd place when one counts the grade average). Not bad, for about 2-3k ppl per year, when one comes to think of it...

And I dindt go to Shadow con. In the end, they did not manage to have Innocence, and anyway, I hate going to such things alone (which is why I almost never go outside my house. Yes, I know it is a vicious cycle thing :>).

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