May 20, 2004

On certain curse and blessing

The fact that many languages exist on Earth.

First, lets start with the pros. Divercity -> evolution -> only the fittest survive
And from time to time, they can be used in military ops, like Navaho lang during IIWW.
Or the current problems of Western spooks caused by lack of ppl familiar with Arab lang.

I see few good things coming out of that diversity. Don't get me wrong, lots of interesting books have been written in that langs - but majority can be translated (although the concept of translating poetry always seemed strange to me. It is just as good as trying to translate word jokes.).

So I hope one day all world will speak English (or its derivative), and other languages are considered DEAD. Of course, there will be hobbist's studing them (just like today they are ppl speaking Tolkien Elvish, Star Trek Klingon - or some Latin variants. Or Esperanto, for that matter.). Hopefully with brain implants allowing one to learn any lang in a second, all can enjoy the wealth of ancient texts in their orginal form (just like the author intended).

And I wouldn't have to chose between writing my stuff in English or Polish (and translating it later).

Power to the English, destroyer of languages!

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