May 18, 2004

Articles ideas

I am thinking about lot of articles lately (yeah, I should start writing them).
Wont happen till Friday I think (trip to another town in next two days).

Today I was talking about Internet. Another revealtion, huh?
But have you considered HOW EXACTLY is it good, or useful?
I think it is among top 10-20 inventions of manking, alongside fire, wheel, writing, mathematics...electricity, PCs.
It is the BEST method of communications invented since speech itself. Ok, simple writing has the advantage that you can do it with a stick and sand, but barring that (and some nifty inventions like e-paper can render even that past), 'net has all tha advantages of print and electricity based comm systems (telegraph, phone, radio, tv) combined!
It allows interaction at fraction of their costs, it stores data in all formats, it allowes new forms of information exchange (usenent, forums, blogs like this one!).

So feel priviliged - you are witnessing a revolution. Or at least, a big step in eveolution. It doesn't happen every decade. There were times it didn't happen every century - but the speeding up of tech progress is yet another topic for another article.

So enjoy that good feeling. I know I am.


And I DONT want to hear any Chineese proverbs! I LIKE INTERESTING TIMES!

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