May 27, 2004


Tommorow (Friday) I will be receiving an award for exceptionally high (4.95 on scale 2-5.5) average during my studies - a shakehand by chancellor of my university. I can't wait.
Then, family activities - this event have triggerd an extremly rare event, a gathering of all my aunts/uncles...oh, joy :) Well, food should be good, so I am not complaining - and they should return some books I borrowed some of them years ago, so I *am* looking forward to it :D

Saturday I will be on ShadowProject, an 'alternative' anime con. Dont ask me why it is alternative, but it should have a grill and a showing of GitS2 (Innocence). I am sure you have all heard of the continuation of best Japan movie ever made...just in case, here is a page with trailer thingies, and some more info here, and here.

That's all for today - yes, no much thinking, some eye candy. Diversity is good :)

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