Jun 3, 2006

Late update: assembled varia

I know I have not posted much recently. And honestly, I don't think I will go back to my good posting days soon. Don't despair - I am fine (or is that a reason to despair?). I have just been busy - with Wikipedia, with a MMORPG some friends are trying to get me addicted to, and with various aspects of real life.

For a time I thought I could transform this blog into a Wikipedia news reporting site, but after some time I realized there is little point in competing with Wikipedia:Singpost. I always believed that in numbers, there is strenght.

That said, I am sure from time to time I will stumble upon something that I want to share with others. Thanks to the progress of technology, there is already a perfect tool for tracking blog updates: news aggregators. For example, I use Bloglines. It saves you time you'd have to spend checking all those blogs for an update. Great time saver.

Talking about news aggregators, there is a new species worth nowing about. This new bunch works even with site without RSS-feed (read: it works with *any* site). I use feedwhip it to subscribe to a great webcomic I blogged about some time ago :)

Last but not least, I wanted to take this opportunity and report on a new interesting thing out there: an online non-free sciene-fiction and fantasy magazine: Jim Baen's Universe (wiki). Yeah. Non-free. And it's a good thing! I am serious. Those authors need money to live. By paying for the stuff you get REALLY good stuff: Benford, Wolfe, Drake, Flint, Ringo.... this is not 'cheap fanfiction'. This is good stuff, with pro-editors, pro-writers, pro-...well, it's good. And few bucks is not much. In addition, did you know that short story market worldwide is poor business? Bean is taking a risk with this online publication (although ebooks on average are much less risky then print publications). So if you like short stories - support Bean. You don't have to read them all now... invest for the future :)

Well, I am off. Write you... sooner or later.

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