May 26, 2004


Just a sketch of an idea for today.

I started thinking if we could get rid of political parties, or politicians - without introducing the direct democracy by referendums over 'net first.
The idea is that politicians are inefective and corruptible, and pol parties are just organisations that main goal is not to help 'the people' but themselves.
In the end, it all goes down to money - fund for advertising. If we bar pol parties, then only rich can do it - and as old Rome proved, 'absolute powers corrupts absolutely' and rich wants to get richer as often as the poor do - so neither social status nor wealth makes a politician less despicatable and prone to corruption and stupidity.

But most faults of politicans come from where? From the fact that there is little public oversight over them. Journalists and police try to do their jobs, but as we all know it, lots of politicians either evade them, bribe them, or are just plain lazy and/or stupid. And common voters dont have time, will and ability to keep tabs on them - bah, they have problems even understanding complicated stuff like economy of foreign affaris, and the political campaigning turns into psychological tricks (aka marketing campagings), conveying no useful info but only nicely dressed lies. How to get around this?

Two suggestions.

Bar all forms of advertising by politicians except writing and speeches (no gimmicks - no colorful banners, no catchphrases, no music, etc.). This will make politics lose appeal of the circus, and while it may become less popular, it just means that the people led by lies and marketing will not care about it anymore.

Now this is interesting. All politicans should keep up-to-date blogs with descriptions of all descisions they take during the day, and their resoning. Make those blogs have a poll.
If a politician cant explain his actions - or he is just shuupid - polls go down, and he is OUT.
And with no marketing tricks, he cant count on raising his popularity with PR tricks.

See, this way only small number of ppl will care about politics - but they will either be competent and interested (think of local scale politicians, town mayors, etc. - they will be observed by local people, those who see the impact (or lack of thereof) of their work on their streets, schools and such) or competent and interested on global scale.

Sure, it is not a perfect system - but can you say it would work worse then what we have now?

After this short message, please turn back to the world favorurite comedy show, the '(re)elect the (insert your favourite politician here)'. Today's topic: 'Blah blah and blah!'.

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