May 7, 2004

Mess with your brain...

...or not? I wonder. Brainwave generator.

Normally, I'd have discared it as pseudoscience, but a friend of mine tells me it works on him. Some tricks may be useful (shortening sleeping time, falling asleep), but I wonder if they have any negative long term effects.

Same with hypnosis. As much as the prospect of forcing myself to finally do some exersises sounds nice...I have a feeling it may be a bit 2 dangerous to try. Have you heard anything about this? Bah. Who am I asking. Wiki is not much help either.

On the other hadn, lots of today science was discarded in the past. So I wonder...well, for now I'll just bookmark this and do some more reading when I have the time.

Oh, a quote for today:

Symbols are the key to telepathy. The mind wraps its
secrets in symbols; when we discover the symbols that shape
our enemy's thought, we can penetrate the vault of his mind.

-- Lady Deirdre Skye,
"Our Secret War"

Speaking of which. Ever heard of memes?

Now this is another interesting piece of science, much more real then pseudo. Wiki will give u the serious stuff, but feel free to scan yourself for meme-viruses as well, the results will be interesting. It is safe, I did it myself. Hmmm...maybe I was infected and am now spreading this message becouse it is a dangerous mem? Oh...I guess it is too late for you too as well. Resistance if futile. Mems are everywhere. We have already been assimilated...probably around the time we developed language. So, if you can fight them, at least know them. Live long and prosper, etc., I am going to sleep.

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