May 7, 2004

An eternity of silence...

...would probably be needed to pay respects to every good person that died trying to help others.

Same holds true for most coalition forces in Iraq, but even more so - for the civilian workers there.

Today, a Poilsh journalist and Alegerian camaraman were killed.

Google news, Boston Daily, Reuters, Aljazeera,, Washington Post, Gazeta Wyborcza

Interesting how news spreads on the net - I learned it through status changes on my friends Instant Messanger, Polish Gadu-Gadu. Now several, including me, have statuses about this event:
Chwila Ciszy: Milewicz
┼╝al po stracie dobrego dziennikarza
o kurw...w Iraku zabili Milewicza
niepowetowana strata dla dziennikarstwa
And probably many more I dont know.

Lets hope their sacrifice will not be in vain.

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