May 24, 2004

State IS NOT a political system

I have just finished writing a corrected version of an article about the evolution of democracy, when it hit me that I have made a serious mistake - in several places I have mixed the terms of 'state' and 'political system'.

What is amazing is that neither my supervising professor, nor my review professor, nor any of my friends who read parts of my work noticed it.

I hope that I have explained the difference in one page of my article (soon to be translated into English, I promise). For those of you who care, here is my chain of thought:

Long story short, political system (as in forms of goverment is the brain of the state, it consists of its institution, rules, traditions, interactions between people, etc. But it is easy to confuse results of its changes and actions with those of a state.

For example, change of borders or names - those are the results of evolution of a state (as in 'country', US, Germany, Japan, etc.).

But the creation of political parties, or introduction of freedom of speech - those represent the evolution of the political system.

It all gets muddy when it comes to specific actions of the state, since polsys (being the brain) controls the state. If it wants the war, it will have one (Second Reich). If it wants peace, it will stand aside as long as it can (consider 'Western Democracies' of that time and the infamous Munich Treaty).

Some wars could be viewed just as conflict between states - for resources, while others - as conflict between political systems fighting to spread their ideology. But I think that conflicts in which political system had not been involved are rare. After all, it - as the brains - cares for the survival of its country, and while act to acquire resources needed by the state (territory, mineral resources). In the end, can the body cannot act without the brain?

Which leads me to conclusion, that the only way to stop such conflicts is to have a single global government. But that is outside the scope of my current article about evolution of democracy - something to write another time.

Just one more thing for today. Consider the definition of life and how you can prove that the state is ALIVE.
I used to think that the sf writers who wrote about 'living state' (Gaia in Asimov Fundation trilogy) were just I liked saying 'this is not sf, this is reality' when ppl talk about tech inventions like holograms or DNA sequencers, but this...

[Borg mode on] 'Greetings, you have *already* been assimilated.' [Borg mode off]

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