Jun 1, 2004

Max Weber

Remember when I said I was finding reading about his ideas interesting? Still true.

I decided that the best way to remember this is to write this down - that is how I learn best, not listening to some lectures (I find most speakers simply too slow and during majority of my uni studies while I attended the lectires to 'look active', I simply read a book :D). So when I want to learn sth, what do I do? Read a book, then write a summary. Of course, since my writing is illegible, I do it on computer.

So I am in the process of creating a summary of all Max Weber works (or, all that I can get my eyes on). Of course, I am doing it on Wiki - I always thought that sharing is good (hate the people who said 'I did it, why should I share?' Grrr...selfish #%#^). And of course that means that I can access my articles anytime anywhere, and some other people are likely to correct and improve them every day...really, isn't sharing nice? Go Wiki.

So, for your pleasure, you may read my latest creation (others are linked on the Weber page), but this is by far the most interesting: Religion of China (Confucianism, Taoism), its relation to the development (or rather lack of thereof) of capitalism and comparison to Puritanism.

After you read it, consider the following questions:
- can you say that any religion is better in *ALL* aspects?
- can you say that some cultures are inferior? At least in *SOME* aspects?
- can you say that the fate of civilistations, cultures and individual humans is depenent on the place they were created/born in - it's geographical aspects, climate, history and neighbours?

Personally, I say yes to all of that. What about you?

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