Jun 3, 2004

The Ruins Story is Here!

Remember the ruins I mentioned few days ago? Here is their short story (very short, since I am tired today...).

Coming back home from the city centre I decided to taka a diffrent route (I walk on feet, walking is the only exercise I can tolerate, perhaps becouse years ago I have mastered the art of reading while walking :>). Skipping the details, instead of going by the nice park on the right side of the road, I decided to do something courageus and see what mysteries lies on the left, where I have never been (don't look at me like that, we moved there recently - oh, like 6 years ago. You can hardly expect a person to know that stuff in such a short period of time, right?). First, I stumbled onto old park. Benches, overgrown patches of road, unfinished fountains...cool. Then, I saw extremly overgrown stairs leading up to a forest. Off I go (listening quitely in case forest is inhabited by some dangerous animals, like homeless...). Quiet - I go on. Forest is about 5 meters wide, other side - ruins. Strange ruins, of what I later learned was supposed to be parking lot, small shops and ticket sales places. In fron of me, more forest leading to what I know is a normal house district where I live. Right, the main road, behind me - the old park. Left is interesting - overgrown (again) stairs leading up to...what? Well, I go over there, and whoa, in front of me - a giangantic stadium-arena, of course - guess what - overgrown. Quite a big field, and this eerie silence - no people anywhere...Then I decided I had enough experiences, and went back to the main road to see if I havent stumbled into alternate dimension and there are still civilisied people left. Apparently, they were.

As I learned later this day, it all started with the fall of communism in Poland, and the inevitable raise of corruption. The (police, btw, lol) football club called Gwardia has been constructing a sports stadium. With the recent rush of claims to property appropriated by commie state after IIWW, the stadium switched hands - but then the new owners dissapeared. And the old owner, the Gwardia club, went under at the same time. So since early 90's, the stadium lies in ruins, sourrounded by overgrown park, a kilometer or so to the city centre...

Great place for a LARP, I think.

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