Jun 16, 2004

Democracy game

Small or big one. Groundbound, or space exploring.

Am I talking about Civ or Master of Orion? Yes and no. Try those games on the mega-multiplayer scale. But not as in normal multi game, like 'one faction per player'. Rather as in 'many players in a faction'. Dozens if not hundreds or players debate on every choice a single player normaly makes, roleplaying their various personas (from city major to space fleet commander). It is an interesting phenomenon called 'the democracy game' - read more about it here.

From a more serious POV, note:
- it proves that there are people who are willing to spend their time to 'run a country' and think it is fun

Would you be willing to let them run the real world? Serioulsy, can they do a worse job then real world politicians and beaurocrats? When I think that similar communities build Linux or Wikipedia, I am really thinking it is not just a joke...

Perhaps it is a sign of how future will look like?

Or perhaps I am just mad. Oh well...time will tell.

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