Jun 30, 2004

Wiki quote

I told you about Wikipedia.

But this is not all. There are several other nice wiki related projects bundled with it.
My favourites is the Wikiquote.

Don't you just love quotes? I do. And the wikiquote has this lovely option 'random quote'. Nifty extreme, I say.

Radnom quote for you all...guess from who - Leondardo da Vinci. Yes, it was random.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Till another quote...


Update on my Javascript trouble (tnx Wodzuniu for help!).

I found the error source. It is my firewall. For those interested in details...

Date: 2004-06-30 Time: 21:34:11
Removed http://commentthis.com/window.open('http://CommentThis.com/CommentThis.aspx?blogid='+bloggerid+'&blogitemnumber='+bloggeritemnumber+'&style='+stylesheet+'&blogtitle='+blogtitle+'&emoticons='+emoticons+'&encoding='+encoding , 'blogitemnumber', 'directories
From http://commentthis.com/CommentThis.js
Because Script-based Popup

Fixiti, fixiti...

Updatish...fixed. Somehow I got it fixed. Don't ask me how. I am not sure myself - I just hit the firewall with my trusty hammer hard and long enough till it agreed to let me use the comments again :)

Just wanted to tell you how useful Mozilla was with my work - especially the Web Developer Tools (see Tools menu). If anybody out there is still using Internet Explorer - pity on you. It is like using Ford Model T instead of brand new car. Go download free mozilla NOW!

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