Jun 20, 2004

Birthday update

First of all, today (20th June) is my birthday. I expect a flood of comments with wishes! :)

Second. I know it has been four days without and update, but I have been busy. On Friday I talked with yet another professor of UJ about my doctorate. He was quite nice and perhaps I finally found a right place...well, I don't want to spoil my luck so I'll leave it at that and tell you more when I myself know something more. For now, it is all talk and promises...

Third. In preparations for my b-day, I have been visiting old times with some of my favourite old games. If you agree with me that today's games are not up to the standard of those past, check Home of the Underdogs for lots of freeware, shareware and abandonware.

Some titles I'd like to recommend: Battle Isle 2 (thanks to this game, I got drawn to the world of strategy games 10 years ago - and, counting the sequel #3, I have sunk more then a weeks worth of life into it... Panzer General ('one of the best wargames ever created' - review sais - and it is not lying. For any IIWW fan, it is a must), Exile - crpg be awesomly playable WITHOUT good graphics.

That's all. Expect another update when I finish BI3 :)

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