Jun 22, 2004

1001 Ideas

Call me 'renaissance man'. I can talk about almost anything...the only problem is, I have little idea how to make a living of it. So far my best bet is to be a kind of academic...

Although I remember from my economic studies the saying: 'Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach'.

Hrmph. They just envy us, the thinkers, that is :>

Today I have been thinking about one thing. Well, many things, but I have to summarize. So.

1. People should have complete control over their taxes.
1.1 Voting should decide what amount of presonal income must be spend on taxes.
1.2 Any legal business or organisation can apply for 'tax money'.
1.3 This organisation has to present online *all* finance data, all work documents, and all of their decision makers should spend at least half an hour each day on their own version of p-blog (see my post few days ago about p-blog idea) to show what they personally have been doing. The organisation should have a daily activities blog as well, to summarise how the tax money have been spent with links to all appopriate documents and such.
1.4 Organisations will be listed in an online database, sortable on keywords like area, field, etc.
1.5 You can give your 'tax money' to any number of organisations.

It is a bit utopian, but not really. I assume you know what public good is, and the free rider dilemma?

This definetly requires further study. he The Economist recently called Wikipedia the 'one of best encyclopedias' and people working on it (volunteers) - 'force for good' (see BugMeNot if you are not a subscriber). Apparently Economist is entirely 'force for good' ;0

The underlying question is: capitalism, based on one owns personal desires, have proven to be the best system for creating wealth and prosperity (let's live the problem of turbocapitalism aside, I tackled it few posts ago and will undoubtedly return to it). So far, no goverment has been willing to let it govern the public good. Why? They say it couldn't. But they said it about everything else...yet look at deregulation. Can it be that when goverment realises that without their control over public good, the current bureaucratic organisation would lose its reason to exist?

No lawyers (again wrote about it some time ago). No beaurocracy.
Now isn't it a warming thought?

Time for me to foresee the future.

In less then 100 years (I bet on 30) beaurocracy will be replaced by online volunteers, many of whom will be paid from tax money distributed by individuals at will.

How does that sound?

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