Jun 26, 2004

Worth the wait

Well. Many things are. Is this blog one of them? You know better then me...

On Friday, I had another talk regarding my doctorantship in Poland. So far, so good - or even better. The professor has agreed to be my tutor, and now all I have to do is to submit the papers and pass the qualification procedure - which means that my professor must support me, and I have to look better then several other people. Well, my academic creditentials are quite good (three diplomas :>), but my publications are not so good. Wikipedia, several articles on the net...well, when one comes to think of it, I have dozens of online publications and webpages under my care :) Maybe I have a chance :)

About worth the wait thing. New GAIM is out!

Do you use any instant messanger soft? ICQ, MSN, YIM, GG, Jabber, stuff? If you use several - stop! Each takes memory and some even throw ads at you. Go open source and use a beautiful soft that merges all of your buddies lists into one - like GAIM. See the screenshots if you dont believe me how comfy it is. Hope you find it useful. I did.

Well, I am off to writing stuff about me and my future work I should send my soon-to-be (hopefully) supervisor prof. Take care!

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