Jun 2, 2004

Art, legal, Weber on India

Art, becouse I stumbled on the legal stuff while reading Back to Iraq blog (latest post is about art in Baghdad).

Legal. His blog is under the Creative Commons licencse. Ooc, I clicked on the link and a phrase there hit me.

This is a human-readable summary of the Legal Code (the full license).

Lawyers are not human, right?

Weber writes that legal code is necessary for capitalism. And granted, the larger the communities - and today's is global, not to way around it - trust is just not possible. Even if we assume that majoirity of humans are trustworthy, the remaining 1% or whatever will rip any naive souls to pieces.
But as Weber also writes (yes, I am under his influence lately), every system starts to degenerate. And I think that our legal system has degenerated - and it reached that point when the legal language becoem a diffrent language, one that requires years of study to understand.
Honestly - cant it all be written like that human-readable summary?
There is a diffrence between important details and stiffling legalism, and I think current legal system needs a reform as much as the political and economic one.

And for today's cake's icing, you can read my synopsis on India society and religion by Weber.

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