Jun 14, 2004

Link time

Today, two links you might find interesting.

Centre for Political Thought is a Polish think tank. They have some interesting articles translated into English. If you feel like reading something more refined then a blog, take a look.

And if you are in a mood for fun (not that reading serious stuff is not...but back to basics is good from time to time) check this:

Sluggy Freelance is the best (comedy) online comic out there. Over 6 years running, one of the first, and still rocks. Check this out...oh yes, and beware of the bunny. You have been warned.

Wiki featured article about one of my favourites games - Go. The oldest board game there is. If you somehow haven't played it, give it a try.

Finally, a little quote for today. No links attached. It is a continuation of the Plato quote I gave you a few days ago. At least as good as that one...

But if, being beggars and starvelings from lack of goods of their own, they turn to affairs of state thinking that it is thence that they should grasp their own good, then it is impossible. For when office and rule become the prizes of contention, such a civil and internecine strife destroys the office seekers themselves and the city as well.

Signing off for today...

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