Apr 21, 2004

Evolution of naval tech

Recent post on the Bar have pointed me in a direction of an interesting article disussing the evolution of naval combat from ancient history to the speculation of space battles (with the controvertial assumption that technology would not change much from what we know today).

I could discuss it at length here, but it is being done in more details on many groups and such (the Bar, for example), and the comments function is not yet implemented here (but I am working on it!) , so just a few notes:
- I dont agree that MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) logic is valid in space, as there are no civvies there, therefore nukes would be used
- I agree with Karl Popper logic (that philosphy stuff can make some sense, belive me or not :D) that forseeing future is impossible. The assumption that techs development will stall is as likely as usage of any sf techs, so arguing how likely it is is pointless. Agree with the assumption that tech will not change for the discussion sake - or go read an sf novel :)

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