Apr 10, 2004

One update per day. AMV

I *am* going to try to make one update per day. AND I will try to make each post worth your time. Ya know, reviews, articles, stuff.

Ok, u don't believe me - fair enough, I dont believe myself.

What do I have for today?

AMV. Side note - Wikipedia is cool, it has an entry for AMV :)

No, thats not Alien Machine Vendor. It is for Anime Music Videos. Kind of like music clips from MTV, just better - becouse clips come from ANIME.
So u can treat them as trailers with awesome music. Isn't it great? :)

It gets even better. You see, AMVs are FREE. You can download them from AnimeMusicOrg - if u can stomach waiting 2 weeks before your account is activated. If u want a fast free sample, the NHMK homepage has some nice ones.

Of course I am assuming you have broadband and know what DivX / XVdis is. I cant help u much if u dont have broadband, but for DivX stuff what u need is to install some codecs. I recently use K-Lite series - download them here.

So, for today, enjoy some nice AMVs along with your easter eggs.

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