Apr 18, 2004


Everthing comes to an end. Does it sound philosphical? Not sure. But I am sure that my days of being a studend are coming to an end - tommorow I will defend my MT and very likely become a Master of Arts soon afterwards...(economy for those who care).

I have been studying in preparation some ideas of this philospher: Karl Popper. Now philosophy is difficult (why do they have to use those strange terms all the time!) but wiki hypertext makes it easier to understand. Simply put, Popper said that a theory that cannot be proven wrong has no scientifical value. This led him to condemn totalitarism goverments based on historicism, which I wholehearthly agree with (condemnation, that is). He also supported liberal democracy, which is ok with me as well, atlhough I havent understood what his critical rationalism theroy has to do with that. Oh well...

But dont despare. If all goes well, in a few month I will start doctoral studies somewhere. Either Poland or soem English speaking country. Any suggestions for a person intrested in evolution of political systems and impact of technology on societies? Send me an @ (info on my contact page, see links to the left).

Now if only I knew that sb is actually reading this...oh well. Nothing is perfect. Now is that another philosophical statemnt? You tell me :)

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