Apr 12, 2004


Go. You know what that means, right?

Wait! I didn't mean for you to *go* away. No, no! I mean Go. A game.

For detailed info, feel free to see the above wikipedia link, but if u dont want a long version, a short one is: Go is a board game, much like chess, only...diffrent :) And, oh, that's important - it is quite likely thee *oldest* board game known to men.

That's not all. It is actually FUN. Believe it or not, it is also connected with anime. Hikaru no Go manga and anime were a hit...can u believe it? Japanese managed to make a fun comic and tv series about a board game. I am not joking, it is #36 top anime ever on Animenfo with average points 9.3 in 10. And Them review gives it 4 stars in 5. Anime was fansubbed by sereral groups and those of you lucky to live in US or Japan can buy licensed version :) Same with manga.

Now on to the game itself. Well, I am still a beginner. Better then listening to me rambling, check some the wikipedia links - for mathematical analysis, tutorials, online freeware and multiplayer software...

Wiki is good. Go is good. Hikaru is good. What about hikaruwikigo page? :)

Sayonara and may you achieve the Hand of God...

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