Apr 8, 2004

And this and that...Happy Easter!

Two things. A follow-up on my latest post - found an interesting side.

NGO come in diffrent sizes and shapes, and seem that at least some ppl have the RIGHT idea. I wished for sb to stand up against those no good pacyfism marchers - and voila, they actually do!
ProtestWarriors. Cool name.

Do check their t-shirt and bumper signs. Especially with relation to my earlier post:
This one...and this one...and rotflol this one 2. Good job, guys!

On the brighter - less controversial - side, Happy Easter. If anybody out there know of good sf (anime, fantasy, whaterver) related postcards or images. let me know.

Here is a thing I found. Have you ever heard of Sluggy? Sluggy Freelance? The best comic on the web?
If so, you will like this: Bun Bun Egg Game
If you dont, you may like it anyway. Take it as my easter greeting.
Oh, and go read sluggy. 7 years of hilarious gags, related to sf and rl. Parody, humor, bunny with a knife...what can you ask more?

Oh, yes. Don't anger the Easter Bunny. Happy Egg Huntin'

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