Jul 12, 2004


As you have likely noticed, the blog should be more readible now (white background). Tnx to Aria for the suggestion and help! If you have any others, please use the comment function (hint :D).

Btw, I have noticed that Internet Explorer buchers my site, and makes it lood bad. The fault is of course in IE - it does not like official web standards, and displayes many pages with errors. Use Mozilla if you want to view my blog as it is intended to look like.

Tommorow I'll be finally submiting my papers for doctoral studies on Jagiellonian University, the 3rd oldest university in the world :) Not to shabby, is it? :)

Now for sth interesting. Today is a quote day. Here ya go!

If our society seems more nihilistic than that of previous eras, perhaps
this is simply a sign of our maturity as a sentient species. As our
collective consciousness expands beyond a crucial point, we are
at last ready to accept life's fundamental truth: that life's only
purpose is life itself.
^ -- Chairman Sheng-ji Yang,
^ "Looking God in the Eye"

What is the purpose of life according to you?

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