Jul 26, 2004

Coming soon: Warsaw Uprising

Ever head of it? The biggest uprising in the Second World War. The ultimately futile show of strengh of best partisant force ever, the Polish Armia Krajowa.

The date was 1 Septemeber 1944. On 1 September 2004, 60 years after, I want Wiki to make it a Feature Project. Lot's of work needs to be done, so expect blog post scarce untill then. Any help appreciated here.

Perhaps you will enjoy this header section I have prepared.

  • Eve of the Battle
  • The "W" hour
  • 63 days
    • Stabilization of front lines
    • The circle tightens: loss of Żoliborz, Stare Miasto
    • The scenery: the sewers and the barricades
    • Soviet 'help': Berling landings on Powiśle
    • Western Allies help: the airdrops
    • Life behind the frontlines: Few weeks of Poland reborn
  • Outside Warsaw: Poland, Europe, World
    • On the East: No will to help
    • On the West: good wishes from far away
  • Aftermath
    • The end is here: the capitulation
    • A city was here: 85% of the city in ruins
    • The butcher's bill: the casualties (note: merge civilian and military, or divde with smaller subheaders
    • Nazi's tools of trade: the concentration camps around Warsaw
    • Aftermath of the battle
    • "Liberation" in January 1945
If you have to read some stuff now, see this page. Or if you want to help me with that project, see Project Warsaw Uprising on Wikipedia.

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