Jul 19, 2004

Toys of a traveling priest

Today's theme are toys. Well, action figures...I know some people who could maim you for calling their collection toys.

I am not a great fan of afs, but recently I saw two that were just...amazing. Of course, you must know what Trigun is. You heard of it, right? One of the best anime ever made? Mergin sf and wild west into one great production? Right. Just in case: review on THEM; info on Wiki.

So about those action figures...take a look yourself:

Oh yes, this is not Vash. He is great, but
Nicholas D Wolfwood is just...greater. I mean, a guy with a machinge gun inside the cross...hardly gets niftier then that :>

Just in case you may be tempted to buy such an amazing things - here comes Froogle to the rescue. This nice new Google service allows one to compare prices of many products. The cheapest in stock figues I found were here (15.99 $). Not bad, when compared to some other offers of over 40$. If you buy stuff on the net and don't Froogle, you are wasting your money...

And let's not forget about quotes. There is enough of those lil' buggers to make me fill a blog zillion tmes this size. Today - of course - a Trigun quote. Vash about Wolfwood...

I met a lone man in the desert, a traveling priest, Nicholas D. Wolfwood. He smiled and then he told me that I'm a troubled man. Faced with his all seeing smile there was nothing I could say in my defense. Did I meet this man because I was destined to or, was it simply by a small jest of God? The man's name is Nicholas D. Wolfwood, a traveling priest I met in the desert. --- Vash The Stampede

Oh. Today's fonts are smaller as an experiment. Better? Let me know!

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