Jul 5, 2004

Joys of plug-ins

No irony intended. Today's theme is the beauty of Mozilla plugins.

You see, Mozilla, besides being free of Internet Explorer bugs (lol, recently even CNN had an article saying that using IE is like playing a lottery - and if you are lucky, nothing bad happens :>), having ad-unfriendly options (like build in popup blocker), and the most useful feature of tabbed browsing (and believe me, it is an extremly useful tool!) has many (as in many many many) optional features. Granted, 90% of those you will consider usless for you. And this is good - because everybody has diffrent needs.

Myself, I found that for starters, Multizilla is a nifty thing. It comes with a Googlebar thingy (saves the time one has to spend opening google page - several seconds every day, it can adds to several days of one's life, you know :>), and it greately expands the tabbed browsing functionality (move tabs, sort them, reopen closed ones!, etc.).

As for other plugins. Whatever suits your fancy. Copyurl is a nifty tool, at least I find it useful as well. Just one of those things that you barely notice, but is 'cool'.

Want mozilla to look prettier? Cute even? See CuteMenus.

Want mozilla to integrate with download managers? See downloadwith...

Want mozilla to replace paper note taking? QuickNote is your plugin!

Want mozilla to guess your mind? See Optimoz (strange thingy, isn't it?).

Think you need more info about URLs? Diggler to the rescue!

Want mozilla to fetch you cold beer, do the washing and walk the dog? Just search the mozdev plugin list :)

Let's end this entry with a moment of silence and pity the poor people that still waste their time using IE.

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