Jul 3, 2004

Riverworld, or Afterlife: Not For Hire

Continuing our last theme, ever wondered how would the world look in few dozen millenias?
Or how would afterlife look like?

What about the possibility they would be both the same?


You die.

You wake up. Naked, in your 20s. Lying on the grass, on the gently rising hill. Surrounded by thousands of people, waking up just as you do. There is a big river way down the hill. And some stone pillars.

You have a strange box attached by a string to your wrist.

Now stop reading and ask yourself what would you do in this situation.


Skip forward. You have talked to some people near you. Most of them apparently come from the same country, same time period, and actually died near near the same spacetime you did.

Amazingly, several people in your mids - about one in every ten, if you would count - dont speak your language. They seem to behave...strangely.


Skip forward. It has been several hours. You found out that some of those strange people come from very diffrent times and places. Napoleon France. Tsar Russia. Ancient Rome...

You look ahead of you. Far, far away on the next shore you can see people milling around. To the left and right, river bends and you have no idea what is beyond the steep cliffs behind you...

Sounds intriguing? You may want to take a look at Riverworld. Feel free to read this the begining of his book 'TO YOUR SCATTERED BODIES GO'.

A graphic view - the first steamboat of the Riverwold, Mark Clemens 'Not For Hire':

A bit more seriously. Do you think that in future we will be able to resurrect people?
Yes? No? How sure? Absolutely?

I don't know about you, but I'd love to take a trip on the 'Not Invented Here'.

Till another voyage...

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