Jul 13, 2004

Trojans and Indonesia

I was soaked wet today...didn't want to make a prof wait for me so I run through the rain. Note: dancing in the rain is overrated.

I have been helping a friend to remove trojans and install firewall and anti-virus software. I thought we done it on Sunday...yet apparently not. It ain't easy when a person is in other country, uses only IM and doesn't know much about comps. And it doesn't help if that person thinks she doesn't need to follow all of my advice and chose only the parts that are easy! Hear that Agus?! Stop using IE and start using Mozilla! I am not going to help you again if you get infected through IE security holes once again!

Hear that, you Internet Explorer users out there? 60% of my blog readers use IE. I tell you - it is like having a big sign over your comp 'hey hacker-dude, come on, hack me, infect me with viruses, come on!'. If you are fine with this, don't blaim anybody but yourself when you get infected by a virus - and trust me, that will happen soon enough, and then you will spend hours trying to remove it, or pay hard cash for help (unless you are lucky enough to have a friend like me who will spend HOURS helping you for free :D). So just do me and yourself a favour, spend few minutes downloading mozilla, install it and be happy.

Of course browser is not everything. I assume you are running up to date avirus and fwall software? Cause if not, I dont even want to guess how much nasty stuff you have on your comp. *shivers* Btw, if you want good and free soft, check this page: Home PC Firewall Guide - it looks competent enough. Has lots of info on not-free fwall soft if you feel like paying as well.

There are several sites on the web that can quickly and freely check if your comp is secure or not. For example. PC Flank test. Try it out.

Believe it or not, I bought my fwall. One of the few pieces of soft that I decided is worthy enough to pay for it, instead of looking for open source (well, few years ago there was no oo firewall anyway...and still there is none, I think - none that I know off, at least. Few good free alternatives though exist now, like those mentioned on the HPFG site...but no oo yet. Ask me, this is strange...why there is no oo fwall/avir? A conspiracy perhaps? *looks around* Do I hear black choppers outside my window??

Nah, just some wind.

Feel like writing more today. So here is some piece of news that I think is very enlightening. I am sure you hear people saying that democracy is no good for islam. Go shove this article down their ignorant throats. Nothing like good ol' facts to make my day :)
Oh, thumbs up for all Indonesians reading this! Keep up the good work guys!

Well, I am off for today. Hopefully my friend managed to install a fwall before catching a 3rd trojan today...keep your fingers crossed, or this is gonna be one long night...

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