Jul 31, 2004

The truth always hurts

Our Wiki article is progressing nicely, expect an update about it tommorow.

I am pleasantly suprised about one thing. Watching today's TV (which I rarely do) and then browsing the web about Warsaw Uprising anniversairy articles I noticed two things.

1. It is remembered not only in Poland.
2. Finally, our dear Western allies (UK, US) are using the word 'betrayal' in describing their own actions towards Poland in the Second World War (as in 'we left our allies in the Soviet clutches and even though they fought for us we didn't fought for them'). The comments on BBC website are quite telling (especially when one remembers they have been screened).

Here's hoping that history will not repeat itself like this ever again.

---------- UPDATE ------------

The Wiki article is ready. Read it here. If you like it, please vote here.

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