Jul 11, 2004

Let's talk!

Each day, the net brings forward another gem. From time to time, I try to bring them to you. Today, witness the beautiful diamond of Voice over IP technology, more commonly known as Internet Telephony.

It is simple. You probably know instant messenger software? If you don't, you are living in the early 90's...go catch up!

So voice over the net is an extention of p2p tech, that allows you to send voice (via mike and headphones) from your comp to another computer. Ummm. Short word. I have it...it is lika...a...almost...PHONE!

Today I have tested the Skype soft. While it is not open source, it is free and has a Linux version, which kind of makes it up for not being oo. Most imporantly, it works quite well. I talked with a friend from Poland and another in US, and (after I swiched down some of my download/upload soft) 90% of the conversation was as good as on normal phone. 10% was lost on the net, but it was hardly noticable.

My favourite newspaper, The Economist, suggests that such technology may end the days of telecommunications monopolies dominance, and that in few years, phoning will be as free as email. I love it when serious, proffesional magazines agree with my visons on the future!

So go download Skype and talk away!
My nick is prokonsul_piotrus if you want to talk to me :>

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