Nov 13, 2004

Reminder: be safe!

Recent discussion started by RAZ (Polish writer and journalist) on Usenet has reminded me that there are still people (over 75%) that use Internet Explorer/Outlook Express, thus both asking to be attacked by hacers/infected by viruses, and using an old user-unfriendly software!

If you are using Internet, you have to learn some basic hygene. Just like if you meet other people, you usually shave/wash/put some clothes on, if you use the net, you have to know a few things.

I hope you are not one of those poor uneducated souls that still use IE/OE, but if you are, go download Mozilla of Firefox NOW! Downloading and installing will take just 5 minutes, their User Interface are similar to IE/OE (just better), and you will soon start working faster and safer!

In other security related news, if you want free firewall, try: Outpost Firewall
For free anti-virus, try: AVG

Stay safe!

This security bulletin was brought to you by: VOICE OF THE PROKONSUL

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