Nov 25, 2004

News from the front

There are times for me to speak, and there are times for me to point to others who deserve to be heard more then I do.

Today I will ask you to go to several blogs from Ukraine, covering their not-yet-revolution-but-not-election as well:


November, 22 I started to be really proud of my co-citizens.

quote: the website has now followed the very fine examples of Gazeta Wyborcza which has gone "orange" in solidarity with Ukraine

Guess why I am orange today :)

Le Sabot Post Moderne

We need to be taking forward steps of civil disobedience (...) Lech Walesa is here!

Neeka's Backlog
quote: Today, during the 11 am newscast with live translation into the Sign Language, the translator, Natalya Dmytruk, did not translate what the host was saying about the election results, but said the following (quote via Ukrainska Pravda): The results from the Central Election Commission have been falsified. Do not believe them. Our President is Yushchenko. I am very disgusted that I was forced to translate the lies until now. I'm not going to do it anymore. I'm not sure if I'll see you again.

Orange power!

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