Nov 9, 2004

Going to Prague, hunting dinosaurs (Dino Story ctd.)

In the background of me going to Prague to take a GRE test (casue I need if for my PhD and they don't have fast computer based testing in Poland...long story and irreleveant as this blog goes), I learned more about one of the dictionaries coffin nails, namely the Wikitionary.

What is so great about Wikitionary? ATM, nothing much. Project spawned off Wikipedia in Dec 2002 is new and defiently 'work in progress'. Much of the entries I check didn't exist (i.e. didn't exist before I added them ;). But the potential...imagining entering ANY word, and getting its: etymology, definition, grammar notes, pronouciation, quotatons, synonyms, antonyms, derived and related terms and last but not least translation into all existing languages (including conlangs).

Breathtaking vision? Sure! :)

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