Nov 23, 2004

The most important elections

News flash: what is happenign now in Ukraine is IMHO much more important then what was going on in US recently. Honestly, the gulf between Bush and Kerry is nothing compared to the one between the ukrainian candidates. What is happening now in Ukraine is bascically a 'to be or not to be' - events on the next two days will decide if Ukraine will fall back into the graps of Imperial Russia and Emperors Putin totalitarism, becoming a failed state like Bialorussia, or will it finally free itself from its history.

2004 Ukrainian presidential election: Ukraine's electoral commission declares Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych the winner. Opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko calls for supporters to protest "the total falsification of the vote". Observers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) say the run-off vote "did not meet international standards", and the senior U.S. election observer, Senator Richard Lugar, notes a "concerted and forceful program of election day fraud".

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