Nov 10, 2004

Bloggin' from Farpoint Station

Well, it is really Prague, few hundred km from my usual hunting ground around Cracow/Katowice. But considering it is the further I've travelled since I started blogging (and by definition, furthest from there I've blogged), then the name is appropriate. Kinda. And I couldn't help myself if I can put a decent sf reference :>

Now, back to serious business. Today's topic is a bit abstract, but beautiful: fractals

It is one of those subjects that I think no lenghty discussions are necessary. The Wiki can tell you more about math and theories then I anyway. I just one to say one thing (well, a few): fractals represent both chaos and order, how they cannot exist without another, and how they create all beautiful things in life.

Once, mathematicians, philosphers and all scientists thought that we can find a 'perfect solution', a simple and elegant 'theory of everything'. Then we discovered things like quantum mechanics, fractal and chaos theories...and now we know that the truth is not that simple. Still, we know more then before - and isn't this better?

I am in a philosphical mood today. Don't worry, it will pass soon :>

Be sure to check the amazing fractal gallery at Greg Egan's page!

And then there were fractals.

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