Nov 26, 2004

And so it continues...

Continuing the coverage. Polish media are full of Ukraine coverage. Seems like finally a couse that has united almost all of our political parties: are are supporting the Ukraine. There are demonstrations before Ukrainian and Russian embassies and such. Latest polls show that Polish sympathy for Ukraine has just tripled. We are orange all the way - if any Ukrainian is reading this, know that we are all behind you!

Read the guys on spot!

Neeka's Backlog:
The only foreign leader who has sided with Mr. Yanukovich has been President Vladimir Putin of Russia, which, needless to say, hasn't done much for the prime minister's credibility.

Le Sabot-Post Moderne:
a large group of militiamen is on-stage in Independence Square chanting "The Militia is with the People!

Windowglass: today has some interesting links including to Ukraining oppositions webcasts (radios) and such, like
5 Kanal and European Movement Ukraine

A Step At A Time: LOL. Tnx for the most entertaining article from Russian press: Russia blams Poland for Ukrainian Trouble. :)

The Periscope: some collected info and more links

Volodymyr Campaign: is spreadign word in UK

TulipGirl: has nifty buttons like:

International Support for Ukrainian Democracy: the title sais it all

PORA: I think it is kind of a news site. Good, short info briefs.

As for more traditional media, of course my favourite The Economist has an article, online edition, as well!

Needles to say, Wikipedia already has articles on Ukrainian presidential election, 2004 and Orange Revolution.

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