Aug 29, 2004


From time to time, you find out something so strange, that you sit up and think 'how little I knew before' or 'how big is that world' or sth like that.

Few minutes ago I had just this revelation (come to think of it, if I got a cent for every time I felt like this...I'd hed 10$ or so by now :D).

So what did I find? Conlangs. I am sure you have heard of Esperanto (btw it is fun to learn that it was invented by an occultist :D).

But did you now it was just one of dozens CONstructed LANGuages? There are languages designed for fun - like Klingon or Elvish, or more serious ones designed to study logic (like LogLang) or some philosophical or linguistic theories.

Truly, the web is full of knowledge pearls. You may never know when this comes in handy.

And Google has a Klingon variant. Can life gets niftier?
Sure. Klingon has an ISO code as well. LOL. And there is a Klingon Wikipedia as well.
You may want to install Klingon fonts first for best performance :D

If we meet aliens, we will be quite ready for them, I think.


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