Aug 28, 2004

The explainable God

Everybody is free to believe in what he wants. Ummm. Let's leave the details, I don't want a philosphical debate right now. Just take it as an assumption for a following discussion, ok?

I believe that everything will be understandable to humans one day, and the best way to reach that point is with scientific progress.

Some people think that God (or god, or gods, etc.) is beyond our understanding. Perhaps they are right about here and how. But in the future?

If I would place my bet on a theory, I'd point to the Omega Point. This theory assumes that certain cosmological variables prove that the universe will eventually contract (and if it won't do it by itself, a sufficiently advanced civilsation can do it), and that there will be intelligent civilizations in existence at the appropriate time to exploit the computational capacity of such an environment. This asymptotic state of infinite information capacity can be viewed as being God (anybody out there read James Blish ''Cities in Flight" space opera? it has a very similar concept to that).

And here goes the part I really like. The implication of this theory for present day humans is that this ultimate cosmic computer will essentially be able to resurrect everyone who has ever lived, by recreating all possible quantum brain states within the master simulation.

Afterlife is not a bad concept in itself. And if it seems a bit unrealistic...Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic - keep those wise words in mind!

See you again...sooner or later.

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